Frequently Asked Questions

About Property Purchase

What is the process in the acquisition of OPIC property?

Step 1: Purchase Property Application form from OPIC office at N50,000 payable via a bank draft or online via
Step 2: Return filled form to the office with a bank draft for property, for payment plan return with a letter requesting specified payment option.
Step 3: Receive letter of allocation from OPIC
*Steps differ for buyers through payment option as physical meetings and verifications will be required.

Are there hidden charges when I buy property from OPIC?

After paying for property, the only other charge is the administrative charge which is 10% of property cost.
The Charge covers for VAT, and Ogun State Levy fees.

Can anybody access OPIC 20-years Mortgage?

Yes, any individual with a steady source of income can access OPIC Mortgage. However, the number of years accessible under mortgage is dependent on the number of years an individual has in active service.
The Charge covers for VAT, and Ogun State Levy fees.

Does OPIC Advantage and OPIC Mortgage mean I must complete payment between 3 years or in 20 years?

No, flexible payment terms are available that can be designed to fit your needs.

Are Co-operative sales packages available?

Yes, it is possible to get a co-operative package for communities, institutions or organizations?

Is it possible to reserve a house before making financial commitment?

No, houses cannot be reserved without a financial commitment. 20% initial deposit must be made for OPIC Advantage and OPIC Mortgage.

About Buildings and Estates

What is the level of finishing of OPIC’s properties

OPIC’s properties are sold as fully completed units and have the following completed:
Windows and burglary proofs installed
Wiring completed
Bathroom, Water closet’s, kitchen cabinets, conduits, taps and electric fittings installed

What amenities are available in OPIC Estates?

OPIC estates, typically have the following amenities:
Paved road networks
Drainage systems
Security and Patrol
Perimeter fencing
Dedicated Power Supply
Portable water and packaged sewage plants

Are OPIC estates Serviced estates?

Yes, OPIC estates are serviced - maintenance is handled by OPIC, in some estates, offerings such as internet connection and stable electricity are offered.
Cost of estate servicing varies per estate and is paid monthly or yearly.

Do residents in OPIC estates have access to facilities?

Yes, residents have free access to all facilities within their estate.

About Property Visits

Can I Visit the site?

Yes, intending home owners can schedule a site visit. To do that, Call: 08112892020

When can I visit the site?

Site Visits are typically arranged for weekdays between 9:00am -5:00pm. However, exceptions can be made.

Can I Visit the Site alone?

The state of security on the sites/properties makes it impossible to do so. Intending visitors are advised to notify the office of their intention so access to site can be granted.

*If your question was not answered, kindly send an email to: or call +234 811 289 2020