OPIC Agbara/Igbesa Estate

Location Along Lagos - Sokoto Expressway, Agbara/Igbesa
Type Large Industrial Hub
Status Completed and Under Improvement
Serviced Plots Residential Land per 648sq.m - from N3.2m
Industrial/Commercial Land - at N50.6m per hectare

OPIC Agbara/Igbesa Estate is one of the largest industrial estates in sub-Saharan Africa. The over-riding objective is to have an integrated industrial, residential and commercial Estate within easy reach of Lagos in keeping with the Government’s policy to encourage urban development across the State.

The 8000-hectare development is a fully integrated hub occupied by industrial, commercial and residential investors with large local and International industries. There are over 100 continuously operating industries located within OPIC Agbara/Igbesa estates.

In 2013, OPIC commenced a rehabilitation of the estate which involved redistricting, development of new roads and new residential schemes - New Dawn Gardens and Terraces